Dec 29

Step-by-step guide: Create and submit year-end forms

Important notes about Year-end forms in Wagepoint 2.0

  • Tax forms will not be automatically created. In order to create tax forms you must complete the Year-end workflow. If you would like Wagepoint to file forms to the CRA on your behalf, you must select Electronic submission when completing the process.
  • The Year-end forms generator may take a few moments to populate fields between steps.
  • Your Year-end forms workflow will automatically include T4s for relevant employees and T4As for relevant contractors for 2023. If you do not have employees, you will not see any T4s. If you do not have contractors, you will not see T4As.
  • To save your progress at any time during the Year-end workflow, be sure to click Save & Exit. If you click Cancel and do not choose to save your work, you will need to restart the entire workflow again.

For more frequently asked questions related to year-end forms, please visit this Year-end FAQ article.


Walkthrough: Create and submit year-end forms

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